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The Health Data Analytics community highlights the latest news, data and innovative tools to aid employers to identify where the bulk of their health care spend is going and offers ways to contain health care costs.



Focusing on High-Risk Members Reaps Greatest Reward

Getting to the root cause of a company’s rising health costs and creating a plan that targets high-risk members is easier than some might think.

The Year that Digital Health Broke Out

Since 2010, a new digital health care landscape has emerged with everyone from Apple and Google to GE and Verizon making investments and announcing they intend to enter the sector. But this year will be remembered as the year digital health got serious.

Making Health Care Payments Easier in a Complex Ecosystem

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created many changes and opportunities within the health care system, including payment processing. Payments come from many different entities, including employers, individuals, health plans and the government, and the types of payments are varied, as well, covering premium payments, subsidies, wellness dollars, patient responsibility amounts,

Health Care in 2020: No New Technology Needed

It’s August 1, 2020, and my heads up display just sent me a priority health notification. I wasn't surprised, because I had used my newly downloaded phone app to walk me through the process of configuring my preferences for health notifications.

Blog Posts


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Get to Know the Types of Private Exchange Models

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Press Releases


Limeade Launches Business Insights Team and Tools to Support Employers Drowning in Data

Industry-leading team of data scientists optimize insights for employee health and well-being

FAIR Health to Create Cost Estimates for Complete Episodes of Care

FAIR Health will collaborate with Health Care Incentives Improvement Institute (HCI3) to develop health care cost data for complete episodes of care.

Picwell Secures $4 Million in Series A Funding

Financing round led by MassMutual Ventures

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Lessons Learned; The American Healthcare Consumer

A change:healthcare White Paper

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