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The Affordable Care Act and Account-based Plans: Impact of the ACA on HRAs, FSAs and HSAs

In the ever-increasing pages of guidance from the federal regulatory agencies responsible for implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it is easy to lose track of how the new rules apply to various types of individual account-based health plans (i.e. FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs). Following is an overview of how

Employers Know CDHPs Are a Potential Delivery System Reform

HIT Is More Than an Acronym for Spending Accounts

Regulatory Delay and Uncertainty Harming Small Business

Acting on his own authority, the president has again suspended the employer mandate for certain businesses until 2016. Most observers, especially those sympathetic to the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) goals, consider the president’s exercise of executive power benign. Even the Republicans have been calling for delay, so why complain about

Why I Max Out My Health Savings Account (And Why You Should Too)

When I worked as a 401(k) enroller, my regional sales manager (who happened to be my step-dad) used to demonstrate the tax advantages of the 401(k) by ripping a dollar bill into two pieces to show the effect of taxes on income.

Press Releases


HSA Bank Announces Major Product Suite Expansion

Partners with Evolution1 to Offer Account-based Benefit Solutions

HSA Consulting Services Founder “Mr. HSA” Finalizes 2015 HSA Limits

All HSA contribution limits, minimum deductibles and maximum out of pocket limits will increase in 2015

Alegeus Technologies Names Steve Auerbach as Chief Executive Officer

Highly experienced consumer health care executive joins Alegeus from UnitedHealth Group to lead the company to its next stage of growth and development in consumer-directed health care

Blog Posts


This Week on #IHCRadio: Population Health, CDHC Accounts and PBM Tools

04/22/2014 - For the first time this spring, Ron Bachman will be back in the studio this...


ACA Costs: Can Employer Groups Expect Increased Premiums, Deductibles?

04/21/2014 - Chances are, you or your clients have recently read the Manhattan Institute analysis of the...


Introducing The Private Exchange Blog at

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Why Aren't Gym Memberships FSA Eligible?

04/21/2014 - Can I Use my Flexible Spending Account for a gym membership?It’s one of the most...


White Papers


When Taking into Consideration Premiums and Out-of-Pocket Expenses, CDHPs Can Save Employees Money

In a white paper released by Change Healthcare, 91 percent of employees with families and 65 percent of employees overall would have spent less under a CDHP than a PPO. Families averaged $140 per month in savings.

What Employers Want From Health Insurers--Now

In 2008, PriceWaterhouseCoopers' research team surveyed senior executives at more than 100 large US-based multinational companies and more than 250 privately held small companies. The large companies each have an average of 8,000 employees and revenue of about $3 billion. The small employers each have

Renewed Interest in Tax Exempt Benefit Trusts

Recent changes in financial accounting reporting obligations have caused many employers, both public and private, to re-examine the overall economics of pre-funding retiree medical benefits.

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