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The HSA / HRA / FSA Administration & Finance community showcases the latest news and innovative trends employers use and the best technology platforms available for administering and financing personal-care accounts (FSA/HSA/HRA). The community features articles, press releases, white papers, case studies, blogs, videos and podcasts.



Challenging HSAs in the Exchanges

In the health savings account industry, the problem is compounded. The ACA law also created a perpetual rule change engine.

Private Exchanges, HSAs and Employee Benefits Strategy

The health care industry continues to transform, with new models frequently coming into vogue and falling by the wayside. After more than ten years of results, benefits strategies built on health savings accounts (HSAs) are proving to deliver powerful savings. Now, private health insurance exchanges are garnering interest and employee

What You Need to Know About the FSA Grace Period

March 15 marks the flexible spending account (FSA) grace period deadline, which is the last day for those with the grace period to spend remaining funds from 2014 (for plans ending December 31, 2014).

Finding Middle Ground: What’s needed to successfully marry exchanges and HSAs in 2015 and beyond

In some ways, it’s déjà vu. A little over 10 years ago, health savings accounts were the talk of the benefits world. Today, as HSAs have become more mainstream, the chatter has switched to exchanges, with more realizing the two are perfect partners.

Blog Posts


This Week on HealthCare Consumerism Radio: The Private Exchange Effect

07/22/2014 - Private exchanges are coming, but how will the transition affect the various stakeholders in employee...


Get to Know the Types of Private Exchange Models

07/22/2014 - When it comes to making an important decision, a significant investment or even beginning a...


This Week on HealthCare Consumerism Radio: Health Advocacy, Onsite Clinics and Wellness

07/16/2014 - On this week's program, your hosts Brent Macy and Doug Field will be exploring issues...


This Week on HealthCare Consumerism Radio: Choosing the Right Health Plan, Health Account Administration and Private Exchanges

07/09/2014 - We hope all of our listeners and supporters had a fun and safe July 4...


Press Releases


AskMrHSA.com Projects Final 2016 HSA Limits

HSA contribution limits and maximum out of pocket limits will increase in 2016

Alegeus and Granite Peak Technologies Partner to Deliver an Innovative Digital Health Solution

The solution represents a step forward in the convergence of health care, technology and consumer engagement – combining daily fitness goals, a wearable activity tracker and financial incentives delivered directly into consumers’ health care accounts.

Array Health and HealthEquity Partner to Address Growing Demand for Health Accounts

Array Health to Integrate HealthEquity's Personal Health Account Offerings Into Array Spectrum(R) Health Insurance E-Commerce Platform

White Papers


When Taking into Consideration Premiums and Out-of-Pocket Expenses, CDHPs Can Save Employees Money

In a white paper released by Change Healthcare, 91 percent of employees with families and 65 percent of employees overall would have spent less under a CDHP than a PPO. Families averaged $140 per month in savings.

What Employers Want From Health Insurers--Now

In 2008, PriceWaterhouseCoopers' research team surveyed senior executives at more than 100 large US-based multinational companies and more than 250 privately held small companies. The large companies each have an average of 8,000 employees and revenue of about $3 billion. The small employers each have

Renewed Interest in Tax Exempt Benefit Trusts

Recent changes in financial accounting reporting obligations have caused many employers, both public and private, to re-examine the overall economics of pre-funding retiree medical benefits.

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