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The Medical Travel community showcases the latest news and innovative trends employers use to learn more about health care providers traveling both internationally and domestically to hospitals or medical experts who specialize in specific medical procedures and the benefits medical travel provides, travel for family and other accommodations.



Employer Direct Contracting: Game-Changing Medical Travel Trend

While there are a few pioneers in the large business category that have tested the waters to execute direct contracting arrangements with targeted centers of excellence (COEs) (e.g. Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, Boeing) the vast majority of large employers are now contemplating these arrangements in the year ahead.

Going the Distance: Domestic Medical Travel Steerage Programs

The fast-growth phenomenon of U.S. domestic medical travel – inter-state to Centers of Excellence throughout the country – is capturing the attention of employers, payers, third party administrators, insurance companies and other intermediaries throughout the country. With the influence of health care reform, the significant shift toward cost-containment and patient-centric

Domestic Medical Travel: Quality Care, Controlled Costs

A growing number of U.S. employers have adopted domestic medical travel programs, encouraging employees to travel to Centers of Excellence (COEs) for elective surgical procedures.

The Affordable Care Act’s Impact on Medical Travel

Travel to Centers of Excellence — the Latest Cost-Containment Strategy

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Press Releases


Leading Medical Travel Portal,, Adds Comprehensive Destinations Guide is a web portal offering a wealth of information pertaining to medical tourism in Asia, and they’ve just added a destinations guide to further assist their clients.

Qliance Expands Direct Primary Care Network with On-site Clinic for Bellevue-based Expedia

Innovative flat-fee model enables employers to offer a new option for affordable, accessible, high-quality medical care

Global Health Voyager Announces Relationship with Apollo Hospitals Enterprises

Apollo Hospitals Group is regarded as an innovator and pioneer of integrated healthcare delivery in India, and has earned Joint Commission International accreditations for seven of its hospitals, the highest percentage of any hospital group in the region.

White Papers


Medical Tourism: Consumers in Search of Value

Produced by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. Many patients are traveling great distances to obtain medical care. Whether the destination is an exotic resort halfway around the world or a health care facility several hours away in a neighboring state, U.S. citizens are increasingly

Medical Tourism: Emerging Phenomenon in Health Care Industry

Dramatically rising U.S. health care costs are prompting many consumers to consider outbound medical tourism as a viable care option.

Medical Tourism: Implications for Participants in the US Health Care System

The purpose of this white paper, published in October 2007, is to lay out the issues that US players should begin addressing now and to provide the context in which to evaluate them.

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