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The Population Health Management community showcases the latest news and innovative trends on wellness programs employers are executing to help maintain or improve the overall health of each individual employee as well as the entire population, cutting health care costs. This could range from sponsored fun-run, smoke cessation, biometric testing, health and performance, etc.



The Seven Key Principles of Health Behavior Change (and How Technology Empowers Them)

I first cut my teeth as a wellness program coordinator during my internship at the Mattel toy company. It was truly the dark ages. No Web. No smartphones. No social media. We scanned HRA questionnaires through optical readers and gave out printed reports. We delivered classroom educational programs and one-one-one

Technology in Wellness Can Open Doors and Change Lives

Technology, when applied properly and wisely, can improve the way we live and work. It can help us make better use of staff time and resources. It can make people productive and processes more cost effective. It can also help us connect and communicate with people and is dramatically changing

Connecting the Dots Between Private Exchanges and Wellness

As private health insurance exchanges continue to capture the attention of forward-thinking employers, advisors, health plans and other stake holders across the country, many have rightfully posed the question: will these exchanges actually deliver on the promise of a sustained reduction in employer health care spend? In a continuation of

The Future of Workplace Wellness is Mobile, Social and Wearable

Workplace wellness is being revolutionized by advances in technology, but it needs to happen faster.

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Press Releases


BioIQ Optimizes Wellness Platform for iPhone and Android Users

New mobile interfaces drive engagement in health screening programs for employers and health plans

HERO, Mercer Unveil Next Generation HERO Scorecard

Enhanced online tool and scoring reflect changing wellness best practices for large and small employers

ShapeUp Launches Three New Social Wellness™ Challenges

Destinations™ Module Allows Clients to Customize Their Own Challenges; European Expedition™ and Appalachian Trail Challenges Showcase New Content, Social Tools and Incentives

White Papers


Population Health 2.0: The Age of the Consumer (White Paper)

Population health management programs are now solidifying into successful hospital initiatives with real results. Along with this trend, health systems are recognizing that viewing patients as consumemers is vital to creating a point of differencein their marketplace -- as health care becomes a "buy" decision.

Guidance for a Employer-sponsored Wellness Program Using Outcomes-based Incentives

This Consensus Statement was prepared by a Joint Committee of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), American Cancer Society (ACS) and American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN), American Diabetes Association, and American Heart Association (AHA). This

Employers, Employees see a Growing Need for Financial Literary Training in Workplace

n this period of economic stress and company benefit cutting, what does a smart employer do to retain valued employees, as well as maintain and stimulate employee productivity?

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