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Hey Wellness, Lighten Up!

Wellness needs to lighten up. It is too heavy as a category and sadly is misaligned with the very individuals it is trying to impact: consumers (yes, employees are consumers). Layer on that it is delivered top down from an employer solely to their employees and it is heavier.

Rewards in Health Care Are in Need of an Overhaul

There is a prevailing sentiment as I talk to health care professionals that the future of consumer engagement is around rewards. I actually agree with that. Rewards are an incredibly powerful feedback mechanism to acknowledge desired behaviors.

Do Less to Win in Wellness

Wellness is not working. Let’s be honest -- despite more than 30 years of effort at improving population health and thousands of wellness companies offering all sorts of solutions, an honest look at the health of the average U.S. citizen reveals that it is tragically poor compared with what it

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Corporate Health Incentives Program Will Fail

Rewards and incentives in health care is a hot topic today. After all, health rewards are a very powerful means for inducing desired behaviors, and many studies have reinforced the value of a healthy workforce on the top line and bottom line for corporations. It is no longer a question

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Provant Spotlights 'Presenteeism' Problem

Working while sick costs employers billions in lost productivity

New Tools and Incentives Available for Horizon BCBS of New Jersey Members to Stay Healthy

Everyone wants to be active and stay healthy, but it’s not always easy to get started and stay motivated. Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey members have new online tools, with financial incentives to encourage them to start and continue a program to

Care Continuum Alliance Changes Name to Embrace Population Health Industry Expansion

CCA will now be known as the Population Health Alliance (PHA)

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HIPAA and the 800-pound gorilla

Yesterday - Written by Caitlin Klein, Legal Counsel, HealthFitnessA friend of mine is a zookeeper—specifically, she works...


This Week on #IHCRadio: FSAs, Consumer Engagement Technology and Wellness Incentives

04/15/2014 - On this week's program (April 18), hosts Doug Field and Brent Macy will talk to...


Answers to your ACA Shared Responsibility Questions

04/12/2014 - You might have read that the IRS and Treasury issued final regulations on the Employer...


Musical Chairs: Sebelius Out, Burwell In

04/12/2014 - Sylvia Matthews Burwell … is a Clinton Democrat who spent the Bush years working for...


White Papers


Guidance for a Employer-sponsored Wellness Program Using Outcomes-based Incentives

This Consensus Statement was prepared by a Joint Committee of the Health Enhancement Research Organization (HERO), American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), American Cancer Society (ACS) and American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACSCAN), American Diabetes Association, and American Heart Association (AHA). This

Rising Acceptance Among U.S. Companies Reward-Driven Wellness Programs

Reward-driven wellness programs are emerging as one of the most flexible and effective approaches to curb exploding health care costs.

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Importance of Health Incentives to Improve Engagement in your Wellness Program and HSA's

Podcast 1/20/2012: The importance of Health Incentives to improve engagement and participation in your wellness program and HSA's ... Listen


Webinar Preview: Reducing Cost for Employers and Employees While Improving Patient Experience

Podcast 6/8/2012: Webinar Preview: Reducing Cost for Employers and Employees While Improving Patient Experience ... Listen


HealthCare Consumerism Radio Archive

Archive of past radio shows ... Listen

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