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Health Decision Support Tools

The Health Decision Support Tools community showcases the latest news and innovative tools employers offer to their workforce population to educate and aid the employee to make better health care decisions and life choices.



Have You SEEN Your Options? Focusing Consumerism on Safe, Effective, Economical, Necessary Choices

Consumerism is still not the norm. Despite a significant transition toward high-deductible plans, broader availability of price and quality information, and efforts by many large employers to provide decision tools, fully-informed, in-control consumers are the exception.

The Year that Digital Health Broke Out

Since 2010, a new digital health care landscape has emerged with everyone from Apple and Google to GE and Verizon making investments and announcing they intend to enter the sector. But this year will be remembered as the year digital health got serious.

Consumer Needs Driving Price Transparency

It goes without saying that we should know what something costs before we buy it. But every day consumers undergo lab tests, imaging procedures and even surgeries and don’t find out the price until the bill comes weeks or months later.

Getting Accurate Price Estimates from Price Transparency Tools

Now that price transparency is becoming the new normal, we need to ensure that the information about prices is accurate. Having accurate price information could potentially help both employers and insured workers reduce the amount of money each spends on health care.

Blog Posts


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Get to Know the Types of Private Exchange Models

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Press Releases


ConnectedHealth Launches My Thrive Score™ as Part of Portfolio Strategy for Employee Benefits

Online tool helps employees understand financial risks, how to protect their health and assets

Research from Alegeus Reveals Consumers Enrolled in CDHPs Are More Likely to Shop for Health Care

Data from 5,000 U.S. consumers highlights the impact of account-based consumer-directed health care programs in increasing consumer engagement with their health care.

Americans are Confident Health Care Consumers, but Ignore Cost in Care Decisions

Benz Communications and Quantum Workplace research reveals employees are attached to health benefits; wellness programs have positive impact.

White Papers


White Paper from Monocle Health Data Available for Download

As the IHC Froum West kicked off last week, Monocle Health Data released its white paper examining the health care transparency revolution.

Policy Options to Encourage Patient-Physician Shared Decision Making

Major discrepancies exist between patient preferences and the medical care they receive for many common conditions. Shared decision making (SDM) is a process where a patient and clinician faced with more than one medically acceptable treatment option jointly decide which option is best based on

Permanent Payment Reform is Cornerstone of True Health Reform

The Center for Health Transformation, along with nearly 40 of its members, met to develop tripartisan solutions for payment reform. These solutions will provide better overall health and better care outcomes at lower costs to Americans.

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