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The Role of Marketing in Today's Health & Benefit Management Industry

Listen to this brief LIVE podcast from HealthCare Consumerism Radio to learn more about "The Role of Marketing in Today's Health & Benefit Management Industry" as explained by the organization at the center of it all -- The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism's Founder and Managing Director.

Changing Market = Innovative ‘Adaptive Marketing’

Just as BYOD (bring your own device) has transformed the way mobile device providers sell their products, healthcare consumerism demands a shift among solution providers to navigating the complex web of influencers and decision makers


Growth initiatives focus on PUSH, selling through a channel


Growth initiatives incorporate PULL, influencing the ecosystem that as changing the way they serve Employees/Consumers


What is Health Care Consumerism?

Healthcare Consumerism is about transforming an employer’s health benefit plan into one that puts economic purchasing power and decision-making into the hands of participants. This business-to-consumer model involves all stakeholders aligning around the consumer.

Consumerism Goes Far Beyond the Health Plan

  1st generation
Focus on discretionary spending
2nd generation
Focus on behavior changes
3rd generation
Integrated health & performance
4th generation
Personalized health & healthcare
Personal Accounts Initial account only Activity & compliance rewards Individual and group corporate metric rewards Specialized accounts, matching HRAs, expanded QME
Specialized accounts, matching HRAs, expanded QME 100% basic preventive care Web-based behavior change support systems Worksite wellness, on-site clinics, safety, stress & error reduction Genomics, predictive modeling, push technology
Condition Management Information, health coach Compliance awards, disease specific allowances Population mgmt, IHM, integrated back-to work Wireless cyber-support, cultural DM, holistic care
Health Literacy Decision Support Passive Info, discretionary expenses Personal health mgmt, info with incentives to access Health and performance info, integrated health work data Arrive in time info and services, info therapy, social networking
Incentives & Rewards Cash, tickets, trinkets Health incentive accounts, activity based incentives Non-health corporate metric driven incentives Personal development plan incentives, health status related

CDHPs Are However a Leading Indicator of a Move Towards Consumerism

Evolution of Defined Contribution & Private Exchanges

1 out of 3 Employers are Considering Moving Their Employees to a Private Exchange in the Next Three Years!

IHC is the Leading Community Focused Exclusively on Promoting & Developing Health Care Consumerism

Our mission is to help all stakeholders LEARN, CONNECT, & SHARE through:

  1. IHC conferences and events
  2. Unique print / digital publications
  3. Our online community and private exchange guide
  4. Healthcare Consumerism Radio
  5. IHC University and Certification
  6. Custom marketing and strategic sponsorship programs

Our Community is Unique, Focused and Full of Key Influencers & Decision-Makers

70,000+ Community

89% respondents that are highly involved in purchasing health and health care related products or services for their company or clients

63% community members who have taken action as a result of accessing companies, solutions, and executives through IHC

* IHC serves primarily employers with 500+ lives

** Universe of health care TPA’s and national/regional Health Plans is approximately 800 : 900 respectively

*** Our unique Broker, Advisor & Consultant community are those committed to change within the market


Our Content is Dynamic, Engaging and Forward-Thinking



1000+ Attendees
June 23-25, 2015


500+ Attendees
November 16-18, 2015

Private Exchange FORUM

300+ Attendees
Dallas, TX
March 31-April 1, 2015

IHC Monthly Lunch & Learns

Atlanta, GA
Starts January 2015

Breakfast / Luncheon Seminar Series

Custom, co-branded educational events for our clients.

Print / Digital Publications

HealthCare Consumerism Solutions

The industry’s only business magazine focused 100% on innovative health and benefits management solutions

Annual HealthCare Consumerism Outlook 

The industry’s only business magazine focused 100% on innovative health and benefits management solutions

HealthCare Exchange Solutions

Focused exclusively on exchanges and defined contribution

Annual HealthCare Consumerism Superstars 

Awards issue designed to recognize those who go above and beyond in executing Innovative Health and Benefit Management Programs or providing those solutions to organizations


Online Community & Private Exchange Guide

  • News
  • White papers/Research
  • Weekly eNewsletters
  • Educational Center
  • Networking
  • IHC University

Searchable guide that includes the information needed for due diligence in considering new private exchange solution providers. Currently showcasing over 170 exchanges.


HealthCare Consumerism Radio

  • Live show every Friday from 11AM-12PM Eastern
  • Hosted by IHC leadership team
  • Covering latest trends and best practices
  • Several high profile guests each week
  • Podcasts available at theihcc.com and YouTube channel at youtube.com/theihcradio


IHC University

Currently, the IHC University offers our Certification Program and its inaugural designation "Certified in HealthCare Consumerism (CHCC)". Through IHC University, professionals receive training, certification and continued education credits that enforce their knowledge of key business issues and accelerate their careers. Learn more about this exciting professional development opportunity.

IHC University content includes breakfast seminar series, IHC Market Insights, videos, webinar series, conference presentations, radio podcasts, publications, white papers, articles, blogs and tools within the driving categories of health and benefit management.


IHC Market Insights

Real Insights and Survey Results Showing Current Behaviors and Perspectives of Stakeholders Within This Chaotic, Fast-Changing Market


The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism (IHC) is launching its IHC Market Insights program within its community of 70,000+ health and benefit management decision-makers and key influencers.

Through this program, IHC provides insights from peers and other stakeholders into what’s happening right now within a market that is constantly changing and hungry for answers.

Research will be original research conducted by The IHC and aggregated industry research will also be showcased as part of this program. IHC Market Insights is available to our IHC INSIDERS and IHC Affiliates.

Also, in June 2015, the IHC will release the industry’s “1st Annual State of the Health Care Consumerism Market Report”

Content Marketing That Provides Sales Leverage

To reach more of the right Health Care Consumerism ecosystem connections with more of the right conversations, more often, you need more leverage. IHC can help.

If your Content Marketing suffers from lack of time or talent to execute…

IHC has the time, talent and Technical expertise to support you.

  • Craft End-to-End Campaigns – from Concept to Copy, from Distribution to Analytics
  • Create White Papers, Articles, Blog Posts, Web Copy, Case Studies, Infographics and more.
  • Design and orchestrate signature platforms, events, research and more.
  • Work with your sales team to sales enable all content campaigns
  • Train your sales team on how to connect and sell through content

Position Your Content With Editorial Approval Across Appropriate IHC Platforms

Sales Enablement That Ensures Health Care Consumerism ROI

To Get The Tangible Results You Want From Marketing, It Needs To More Directly Drive Better Sales Conversations. IHC Can Help Activate Your Marketing.

For Instance,
Sponsor This...

To Ensure ROI, We Do This For You...

In Addition to Traditional Sponsor Promotions…

  • Preview & Prioritize Attendee List
  • Make Direct Introductions During Event
  • Provide Custom Pre & Post Event Scripts
  • Conduct Pre & Post Event Action Coaching Calls

We Take a Similar Approach to Sales, Enabling Each Part of the Integrated Marketing Mix for Our Clients.

How IHC Sponsorship Can Benefit Your Business

IHC Membership & Integrated Sponsorship Programs
Your Access to ALL Stakeholders


Our leadership, membership and sponsorship programs allow you to utilize ALL of IHC’s platforms to get your message out there while showcasing your company as a quality resource with insightful thought leadership.

Thank You!

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IHC Founder & CEO, Doug Field

Doug Field


IHC Managing Director, Brent Macy

Brent Macy



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